Supporting Israeli and Palestinian Peace Builders

We Believe

The Middle East Peace Dialogue Network (MEPDN) believes that Israelis and Palestinians are destined to share the same land. The two-state solution has always been central to our beliefs as the just and dignified resolution of the conflict. But political outcomes in the 21st century, both in the region and in the US, have shown us that we are further away from that resolution than we have ever been.

Nevertheless, we still believes that peace, justice and prosperity can be achieved by a negotiated agreement which honors the national aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians.

We believe that the men, women and children of the region hold the key to the future. Although the political system is fractured and inhospitable to a two-state solution, the people themselves must shape their destiny.

Therefore, we support organizations, programs and activities that provide and promote work and employment opportunities, dialogue, education, reconciliation, cooperation, co-existence and tolerance programs and activities that bring Israelis and Palestinians together.

By continuously promoting recognition and understanding of the other side’s narrative, needs and rights, they can eventually transform decades of deeply entrenched stereotypes, fear and distrust into a willingness to recognize the other’s common humanity.

It is in the hands of the people to establish relationships and conditions that will enable a sustainable peace in the region to flourish.

We believe in the power of the of the people.

What We Do

Support organizations, activities and programs which encourage Israeli-Palestinian cooperation, co-existence and co-creation.

Provide fiscal sponsorship support to Israeli and Palestinian NGOs lacking an American Friends presence so they can successfully raise money in the US.

Provide Israeli and Palestinian NGO leaders with complimentary business and personal coaching to help them maximize their personal and organization’s performance.

Think BIG

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